Poems and Prayers for Lent 3

Another poem for Ash Wednesday

Surely in the brow’s sweat we seek the good,
a jewel desired but in harm’s setting placed.
Gained at a risk, our lives on danger based,
a chasm ’twixt what’s done and what we should;
Hurt and help are in the single circumstance
and evil taints the hope,
the goal contaminates.
So Providence submits to bitter fate –
the cross; its partner in redemption’s dance.
Good comes by increments;
so slow its speed!
Humanity rebuffs the pure,
God’s Self! Gives up!
The good is placed back on the shelf.
Two steps ahead, two back, progress indeed!
Try again!
Smudge the tiny ash of grace;
God helps you make the world a better place!

Fr Harold MacDonald, 2004.

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