Poems and Prayers for Lent 10

The Italian painter of the late Middle Ages, Giotto di Bondone (c 1266-1337), created this picture entitled Kiss of Judas.  It hangs today in Cappella Scrovegni in Padova.

This Sunday at Collins Street we’re reflecting on the story of Judas the betrayer.  In preparation we’ve been sitting with Giotti’s image in our daily readings.  I don’t know what you make of it.  For me it’s quite confronting.  I’ve tried to imagine where I might be standing in a scene like this.  Given my love of conflict, probably behind a tree somewhere!

We’ve also used Ted Loder’s prayer:

Lord, grant me your peace,
for I have made peace
with what does not give peace,
and I am afraid.

Drive me deep, now, to face myself
so I may see what I truly need to fear:
my capacity to deceive
and willingness to be deceived;
my loving of things
and using of people;
my struggle for power
and shrinking of soul;
my addiction to comfort
and sedation of conscience;
my readiness to criticize
and reluctance to create;
my clamour for privilege
and silence at injustice;
my seeking for security

and forsaking of the kingdom.

Lord, grant me your peace.

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