A Monday Prayer

Monday again. Another weekend tucked away. Some family illness invaded the space; plans put aside, time rearranged.  Not the restful, restorative one we hoped for.  Still, Monday comes and the persistent rhythm continues.

Like everyone else, I feel torn sometimes, fragmented, pulled in different directions. Home and work feel like different, even competing worlds. I have to remind myself that work and home are not compartments in opposition, but streams running in the same direction; that weekend and weekday are not alternative universes but all part and parcel of a life lived well.

This prayer says something I often feel.

Pigeon holes, compartments, and other places

It’s so separated, Lord,
this life of work
and family
and you.

Just when I’m most involved at work
and solutions are coming
and deadlines are being met
and the race is being won,
it’s time to lay it down—
dismiss it
and go home.

But there another life waits.
It did not wait while I was gone
but expects my return.
A life with people, plans, needs,
personalities, schedules,
and a love affair to nurture.

Then it’s Sunday and I enter the third cell
to give you my worship,
to refresh my soul, to resurrect and to listen,
to deepen our involvement
you and me.

But then it’s Monday again,
And it’s like putting my hand
in a familiar glove;
to pick up work again
just where it was laid aside
by tense fingers
and anxious eyes
three days ago.

Help me to make just one compartment, Lord,
out of this trinity of transition:

Must one life be laid down in order for another to begin?

O Mystery which is Unity!
Help me, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Ken Thompson, Bless this Desk: Prayers 9 to 5, Abingdon, 1976, 11-12.

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