Pannenberg on spirituality

“… the return to God in our age is not in the first place a matter of individual morality. Before it is that, it is a matter of caring for God, a matter of concern for the transcendent in the understanding of the realities of life, not only for oneself as an individual but also in society. As long as the idea of God has little to do with the way we think about our everyday activities, about the responsibilities and recreations implicit in the institutional texture of our society, moral conversion remains an unnatural imposition on our lives, relevant mainly to our emotional economy and that often in a neurotic way. If the point in conversion is to be wholly and perfectly with God, then most of us must begin differently … by reforming our thought in order to overcome the secularist emancipation of everyday life from God. And we must keep in mind that such conversion cannot be achieved by the isolated individual but involves a transformation of society.”

William (Wolfhart) Pannenberg, Christian Spirituality and Sacramental Community. London: Darton, Longman & Todd, 1983, 25-26.

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