Songs of Advent 4

O-Come_poster_closeYesterday, the first Sunday of Advent, we began the season at Collins Street with that wonderful carol, O Come let us adore him. In the morning we sang it to each other as our call to worship and in the evening as we gathered around the communion table.

Any number of people identify this as their personal ‘song of Advent.’  Stefanie Pearce, one of our deacons, told us why:

My dad was raised in the Catholic church, but abandoned all faith in adulthood, generating many theological debates over dinner. He remained spiritually inclined, however, and for some reason ‘Adeste fideles’ (Oh come all ye faithful) always seemed to touch something within him. I can’t sing it or hear it sung without thinking of him, sentimentally moist eyed, and I wonder what place in his soul it touched. I love the English version too, in its own right: the high, light women’s voices in the chorus, gradually being joined by the altos, and then the deep men’s voices for the final triumphant line of the chorus ‘Oh come let us adore him, Christ the Lord,’ especially when the descant is sung. I love that descant!’

This one’s for you, Stefanie.

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