Nine years and counting

ImageThings have been quiet here. Eerily quiet. Nothing but tumbleweeds rolling across the page since Advent.  Mostly it’s been a much-needed vacation, time to shut down the virtual self and give energy to other things. As usual, I don’t know how much I need this kind of space until I have it. Even better, in January I got to hang out with my brother in Indonesia. While I may have seen more of his toilet bowl than planned (an unpleasant relationship), time with Mark and his family is always a gift.

Sadly that’s all a while back now, and since returning to Oz life has been full. After a brief intermission edging another inch forward on the book, the church year began with gusto. Here we are in Lent, the ashes of Wednesday behind us and a bumpy six weeks ahead.

What’s more, tonight I’m catching my breath at the halfway point through a two-week intensive with Whitley College. A small group of the academically adventurous has joined me on an idiosyncratic wander through the spirituality of everyday life.  Thus far we’ve loitered together in the living room, the dining room and the bedroom. We’ve even wandered out into the front yard to check on the neighbours. Along the way we’ve had some great conversations about the spiritual disciplines of family life, eating, sexuality, friendship and community making.  It’s a subject area close to my heart, but exhausting!

Come the end of next week, once the books and reading notes are packed away, we gear up for the CSBC art prize and exhibition Feast, Pray, Love: Food & Spirituality. Coinciding with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, we’ve invited artists to reflect on the relationship between food and the spirit. The exhibition will be an extension of our Verandah Café. We’re in a terrific location in Melbourne’s heart and I reckon it’s a great way to add value to the conversations already happening in our neighbourhood.

So, life is back in full swing. And perhaps, as time allows, this blog page will swing too, though it may creak a bit at first.  I reckon it’s been about eight years now since I began blogging. It’s always been something I have done as much for myself as for an audience. I know myself enough to know that if I’m not writing, I’m probably not doing so well. So here begins year #9. An if you are still reading, thank you!


  1. Always good to hear from you, Simon, and to hear what wonderful things your church is doing in your city and your neighbourhood. (See — I even spelled it correctly.)



  2. Hi Simon,

    Great that you caught up with Mark and Val. Sorry you got a bug! No fun. How are they? Could you forward me Mark’s email address please? Thanks.
    Please pass on my love to Brenda, Ali and Nathaniel.
    Grace and peace for all that the intensive requires (and hopefully gives back to you) and gearing up for another year at Collins St!



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