‘for creation’s song is yet to be silenced’

Feeling deeply today, for those close and far away.  Close by, yet another friend reeling from news of sickness in his body. Far away, horrific stories of tragedy still coming out of Nairobi.

I read these words this afternoon. A prayer of faith and longing.

Arise and arouse

The Blessed One is a stronghold of
safety for those crushed by the world.
In every season of trouble,
cling to this promise.

May this Name be upon your lips
in every waking hour.
In every storm of despair,
hold fast to this assurance.

Let your voice resound with praise,
for Creation’s song has yet to be silenced.
In every eruption of brutality,
take refuge in this confidence.

The Faithful One will avenge
every murderous impulse;
The cries of the afflicted
ignite the Heart of Heaven.

When then gates of death are opened, fear not!
The Advocate will never abandon.
Another Way has opened.
A River of Peace shall be unleashed.

Arise and arouse, O Christ,
and roll back the rule of enmity.
Amaze us with your Grace,
so that all shall be well, and
all shall be well, and
all manner of things shall be well.

Kenneth L Sehested, inspired by Psalm 9
In the Land of the Living: Prayers Personal and Public

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