‘Eating Heaven’ blog: a new place to go

I do as I’m told.

A friend who knows much more than me about most things — especially blogging  — told me I need to focus. ‘If you want to communicate online, a blog needs to be targeted,’ he said. ‘Your posts are too all-over-the-place!’

With that in mind, he suggested I take everything food-related from this blog and create a second blog  geared around the subject area of my book ‘Eating Heaven’. That way, both blogs are clearer in what they want to do.  Over there I prattle on about food and here about everything else.

Sounds reasonable.

So, if you are into eating and obscure musings about all things food, you can go there. If not, you don’t have to suffer my culinary obsessions any longer. You can just drop by here!

8 thoughts on “‘Eating Heaven’ blog: a new place to go

  1. Simon, I’m happy to visit you in two places, but I beg to differ with your friend. One of the great things about your blog is the way that through it you model something of an integrated existence – pastoral concerns, coffee, theology, food, books, social comment, wining and whinging are not in competition with each other. I like that.

      1. Oh, not good. I don’t enjoy multiple streams of information! But hey, I’ll get over it. How’s it working at your end?

      2. Doing ok. I do have moments of longing again for the more predictable world of teaching, though there is much that is good. What do they say about that greener grass?

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