A Prayer for Palm Sunday

Lord Jesus, we greet your coming,
pilgrim messiah, servant king, rejected saviour.

Lord Jesus,
help us to follow you.

You trod the way of a pilgrim
and ascended the hill of the Lord;
you followed the path of your calling
even though Mount Zion gave way to the hill of Calvary.

Lord Jesus,
help us to follow you.

You rode into Jerusalem on a donkey,
symbol of humility and lowliness,
mocking our dream of pomp and glory,
demonstrating the foolishness of God before the eyes of the world.
You have shown us the way of humble service,
the way of true greatness.

Lord Jesus,
help us to follow you.

The cries of ‘Hosanna’ soon turned to ‘Crucify’.
The acclamation of the crowds gave way to fear and contempt.
You have shown us the cost of love
and you have called us to follow in your way:
pilgrims of the kingdom,
living out the foolishness of God,
and trusting only in your forgiving faithfulness.

Lord Jesus,
help us to follow you:
grant us humility;
grant us courage;
and grant us your grace sufficient for the journey.

Adapted from Gathering for Worship: Patterns and Prayers for a Community of Disciples, Baptist Union of Great Britain, 2005.

2 thoughts on “A Prayer for Palm Sunday

  1. Thank you Simon.

    For many reasons we have left the mega church we were at.

    Tonight as we worshipped at a prospective church I thought to myself, “I want to find a church where the pastor drinks tea with old ladies. Or a house church…”

    It is different heading into holy week not being settled into a church home or community. As it was, the mega church never really did much in regards to Lent or holy week. After 7 years there is only 1 significant friendship. And with that friendship, while it is significant, we never really talked about our faith life or journey. So I longed for community and fellowship.

    Another friend that I confided in regarding the church change sent a link to Saddleback church in California so I can listen to sermons on-line in the interim.

    I appreciate the thought…

    Somehow this post from you – a person I have had conversations with – is more than a sermon on-line by someone I will likely never meet. Not saying that God would not speak through the sermon to me… But it gets at this bigger issue of community and being a human being in relation to God and other human beings.

    I am grateful that God has provided community and fellowship in a way I never anticipated: a Mom’s scripture meditation group at the school my son started at this past Autumn. And it is so much greater than anything I ever asked for or imagined in fellowship with other women.

    So as I pray and as my husband, son, and I go on this journey of looking for the body of Christ in our community, I trust that God will provide in much greater ways than I can ask or imagine.

    With Gratitude,


    1. It is so good to hear from you again Jean, both here and in email. I feel for you in the transitions that you face, in the discontents and in the small reminders of grace and goodness. Blessings upon you, your husband and your dear son. May you know God’s gentle presence in the way ahead.

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