Leonardo Boff on sacrament

‘The sacraments are not the private property of the sacred hierarchy. They are basic constituents of human life. Faith sees grace present in the most elementary acts of life. So it visualizes them and elevates them to the sacramental level.’

‘Daily life is full of sacraments. In the archeology of everyday life the sacraments thrive … they have become sacraments. In other words, they are signs that contain, exhibit, recall, visualize and communicate another reality, a reality different from themselves but present in them.’

‘A sacrament does not tear human beings away from this world. It addresses an appeal to them, asking them to look more closely and deeply into the very heart of the world.’

UnknownLeonardo Boff, Sacraments of Life, Life of the Sacraments: Story Theology. Washington: Pastoral, 1987, pages 7, 11 and 32.

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