Sabbath and Rest

PracticesAt Collins Street, our 5pm community is currently exploring the practices of faith. In a series we’ve called Finding Our Way, we’re taking another look at some of the ‘disciplines’ Christians have come to value — routine practices that have proved effective pathways to maturity in faith and life. Last night we discussed the practices of sabbath and rest.

Though I hate beginning a conversation with a confession of failure — appearances of virtue are always so much more attractive — last night I had no choice. The last couple of months, my personal commitments to rest have gone out the window.  A weariness has taken hold that bears no lasting good for me, my family or the community I lead.  I know myself well enough to understand this. Acting on that understanding is less than easy, but I also know I am never without choice. There is a reason we describe sabbath-keeping as a discipline. In a society driven by the values of productivity, rest will never come easily. It requires a level of intentionality and choice …. over and over again.

In preparing for last night, I went back and read a little article I wrote more than a decade ago. Though a bit dated now, it was good for me to be rebuked by my own words. Perhaps it’s time for less talk and more practice.

To read the article, you can click on the image below.


4 thoughts on “Sabbath and Rest

  1. Thank you for your insights and inspiration. I have recently started following your blog, and I just have to share this response with you. I forwarded this post to a friend who is the wife of our pastor, and has her own full and vibrant ministry. Here is the immediate response I received :

    > Dear friend, > ~on vacation > ~limited access to email. > ~Look for a postcard. > > Thanks!

    Exploring the discipline of sabbath has been a central theme for her lately, for herself and her husband, and her greetings to others often include a question or an encouragement for us to be finding sabbath.



  2. I can certainly relate to the sense of being bone weary, soul tired, and how risky that place can be. I hope you find something that rekindles vibrancy.

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