A response to ‘Heaven All Around Us’

It’s a wonderful encouragement to read these words of affirmation from Brian Harris, Principal of Vose Seminary over in Western Australia:

“I often get sent complimentary copies of books from publishers who hope I will put in a good word for their publication. Sometimes that is possible, at other times I read a few pages of the book, push it to the one side and diplomatically say no more. Happily, Simon Carey Holt’s book Heaven All Around Us: Discovering God in Everyday Life (Cascade, 2018) is definitely in the first category. Actually, it’s sensationally in the first category – an absolute delight to read, deeply thoughtful, often profound and very well written.”

You can read more of his response, especially to the chapter on God at the Supermarket, here.

One thought on “A response to ‘Heaven All Around Us’

  1. Wonderful!

    “The final paragraph of the chapter includes this thought provoking sentence: “I once heard it said that the statement, ‘I am content; I have what I need’ is one of the most countercultural affirmations a disciple of Jesus can make in daily life.” (p133) Carry the statement into the week. For the truth is, if we have Jesus, we have all we need. And if our eyes are wide open, each day produces example after example of his good and gracious care for us. The witness of gentle gratitude is significant, and it is a witness well worth cultivating.”

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