God … are you there?

God … are you there?
I’ve been taught and told
I ought to pray.
But the doubt wont go away;
yet neither will my longing to be heard.
My soul sighs
too deep for words.
Do you hear me?
God … are you there?

Are you where love is?
I don’t love well,
or often, anything, or anyone.
But when I do,
when I take the risk,
there’s a sudden awareness
of all I’ve missed;
and it’s good,
it’s singing good.
For a moment
life seems as it should.
But, I forget, so busy soon,
that it was, or what or whom.
Help me!
God … are you there?

Ted Loder, Guerrillas of Grace, 1981.

2 thoughts on “God … are you there?

  1. Dear Simon.

    You have probably been asking: ‘Graeme … are you there?’

    I am sorry. I have not been loving well. No excuses! We have had a deep and certainly from my point of view, valuable friendship. Lockdown has perhaps made it more difficult but that is no excuse. I don’t want to let our past sharing count for nothing.

    I hope the feeling is mutual.

    Your mate, Graeme

    Sent from Mail for Windows

    1. Mutual and deeply felt, Graeme. Thanks for being in touch. And no need to apologise. It is a challenging season for all of us and I can’t wait for our coffees to resume! Peace to you.

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