Spring’s returning

Dear God, We celebrate spring’s returningand the rejuvenation of the natural world.Let us be moved by this vast and gentle insistencethat goodness shall return,that warmth and life shall succeed,and help

Eternity now

I conducted a funeral last week. It was for a man I cherished as a friend and wise elder. I may have been his pastor this last decade, but he


“If your notion of heaven is based on exclusion of anybody else, then it is by definition not heaven. The more you exclude, the more hellish and lonely your existence

Looking back

“Looking back, I see why I needed the tedium and the inspiration, the anger and the love, the anguish and the joy. I see how it all belongs, even those

Wretched numbers

Today’s numbers are high. Those wretched numbers. In this season it feels like our lives are oppressed by numbers. Amidst this virus, we’ve come to live and breathe by a

A call to grace

Grace: it’s never far away. Hold out your hands now. Open your heart and receive its gift. For the undeserving and the spent, for the wounded and the weary, the

The hospitality of stories

“Stories enact a form of mutual hospitality. What is story if not an enticement to stay? You’re invited in, but right away you must reciprocate and host the story back,